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Our animals have been part of the farm since we moved here in 1974. Read our brochure for more on the farm, and on the health and environmental benefits of grass-fed meats. We sell our beef on the hoof by the quarter (or eighth if there is someone wanting to share) and lamb whole on the hoof, and process locally. See the pricing page for more information.

Our beef animals are of primarily black angus and red devon genetics. They are born on pasture and for 7 months of the year eat nothing but pasture (unless we have a drought and need to feed some hay). During the winter they are fed grass-alfalfa hay (also raised on the farm chemical-free), so they are truly grain-free animals, 100% grass-fed AND grass-finished.

Our lamb are all half or more Katahdin (known for it's mild flavor) and half mixed genetics (we're firm believers in hybrids). Like our beef, they are also 100% grass-fed AND grass-finished. (They're also a little bit apple-finished, as they do graze our orchard and receive cider leavings in the fall.) We have found the meat to be very tender and flavorful - NOT your grandparents mutton, if you know what I mean.

None of our animals are fed growth-promoting hormones or subtherapeutic antibiotics, and our pastures receive no pesticides whatsoever. Slaughter is always once/year in the fall as that in our opinion is simply the best time for a combination of tenderness, flavor, and health benefits of grass-fed. We do not subscribe to the movement that claims gourmet meat must be fresh - it's just wrong, and we'll prove it to you.

So again, read our brochure for more on the benefits of grass-fed meat, local/regional food systems, and especially our emphasis on land care, and see the pricing page for more info. Email andy (at) oneotaslopes (dot) org,  or call (563-564-3580) with your order, or with questions.  Our meat keeps quite well in the freezer (we eat it for well over a year), though hopefully it'll be soooooo good, it won't last very long at all!

Oneota Slopes Farm contact: contact@oneotaslopes.org

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