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Welcome to our Christmas tree page, and if you have purchased one of our trees before - THANK YOU - we hope it remained fresh and beautiful throughout the season. Please tell us your stories, at trees@oneotaslopes.org.

To learn more about our diverse, sustainably grown, chemical-free trees, follow the links on the left. Locate a store, or read below for how to cut or order one yourself. Call 563-382-0537 with questions.

On Farm Choose-and-Cut is open weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas, 10am to dark.

Weekend opportunities this year will include:

  •     Shaking and netting your tree if desired, even help tying or loading

  •     Possibly pre-cut (though very fresh) trees - good for learning the kinds we have and also for taking one home, if you're feeling a bit lazy

  •     A fire in the sheltered potbelly stove to warm your hands, and free hot cider or chocolate most of the time

Cut-your-own Prices: $5/foot pines

                        $6/foot spruce and fir

To find us go to our map and directions page. To learn more about our diverse, sustainably grown, chemical-free trees, follow the links on the left. Feel free to email trees@oneotaslopes.org with questions.


Yes, you can now Order a Tree, for home delivery (click).


Home delivery lets you order a certain height and species of tree, includes delivery to your door and even a set-up assistance, and is available for Decorah, Rochester, and locations in between for limited dates.


To order a tree for home delivery follow directions on our order a tree page.





What's so special about our trees?

  •     Super Fresh and Aromatic - cut your own and you know it's fresh, or if you order we will cut the day prior to delivery, guaranteeing you a fresh and aromatic tree for the holiday season.

  •     Specialty trees - from tabletops for the apartment up to 15 feet for your vaulted ceiling or church, all hand sheared for diversity of shape, fullness/openness, and character

  •     Chemical free - no paint, pesticides, or other potential toxins or allergens applied to our trees, just a fresh tree in its birthday suit

  •   Sustainably grown trees - good for soil, water, air and especially wild life of all kinds, even kids (see more at the OS difference and prairie trees)

  •     Great diversity - Norway, White, and Blue Spruce, Scotch, Red, and White Pine, and Balsam and Fraser Fir - quite possibly the greatest home-grown diversity at any choose and cut farm in the Midwest (if you fine a farm with more, let us know!) For a few fotos and a bit of info on these types, go to our species page.




Oneota Slopes Farm contact: contact@oneotaslopes.org

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