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We sell our beef and lamb on the hoof: lambs whole, and beef by the quarter (or eighth if customers want to split a quarter, but the splitting is up to you!) Selling on the hoof means you are purchasing a live animal. We deliver the animal to the locker, you provide cutting instructions, pay for processing, and pick up your meat. We are happy to work with you on sharing transport of packaged meat when possible, but the point is the animal is yours when it gets to the locker.

Pricing animals on the hoof is straightforward when you understand the terminology. For example, a steer with a "live weight" of 1100 pounds may have a "hanging weight" of 660 pounds (165/quarter) when inedible (to Americans) portions (hide, head, feet, innards, etc) are removed. This "dressing percentage" is roughly 60%. Then the "cutting yield" from the hanging animal into packaged meat typically ranges from 60-70% of hanging weight, as much more bone and fat are normally removed in the process and moisture is lost as the animal ages. So the 1100 pound steer may end up with 465 pounds of packaged meat, or 107 pounds/quarter.

A very good overview of this entire process is our very own Iowa State University Extension's "Beef and Pork Whole Animal Buying Guide". It even provides detailed diagrams of various primal cuts so you'll know what you're talking about to the locker!

Our prices are based on hanging weights, and are $3.75/pound for beef, and $4.50/pound for lamb. So a quarter hanging beef would roughly run you $600 give or take $100 (depending on original animal size), and a whole lamb may be $200 give or take $50.

Bottom line, your packaged meat will likely be in the neighborhood of $5.50/lb, plus the locker costs which can be roughly a dollar/lb, depending on the amount of processing you do. Remember, this average includes your ground beef but also all the higher value cuts such as steak. And, you'll be able to order further processing such as summer sausage or dogs/brats, from your very own meat, if you choose. Your costs will be less per pound if you use more of the fat/trimmings, get bone-in cuts, and keep organ meat, soup bones, etc. For lamb your packaged meat will be in the neighborhood of $6/lb, plus closer to $2/lb locker costs.

Not cheap, and buying local, direct, grass-fed from your farmer shouldn't be. But it IS gourmet grass-fed, and compared to prices for comparable meat in your local health food store, these are probably something to moo (or baaa) about.

To order, email andy (at) oneotaslopes (dot) org. At this point we only slaughter in the fall (typically late October) for best quality.


Oneota Slopes Farm contact: contact@oneotaslopes.org

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