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Yes, you can now Order a Tree for home delivery. (Prices can be found in the shaded box directions below).


Home delivery for any size tree lets you order a certain height and species of tree, includes delivery to your door and even set-up assistance, and is available for Decorah, Rochester, and locations in between. Home delivery with setup assistance can make a perfect gift too!


Delivery to Rochester this year is Friday November 28 (the day after Thanksgiving), so get your order in early! If there is significant demand we may schedule another delivery date, but that is not anticipated.


To order:


1. Visit our species page to see brief descriptions and choose what kind of tree you want. Determine desired height to the nearest foot (if you request an 8-foot tree, for example, it will be between 8 and 8.5 feet most likely)


2. Email us at trees@oneotaslopes.org and tell us the species and height. Provide name, home address, and most useful phone number. For home delivery we'll leave the tree outside your door if you're not home at time of delivery.


3. We will send you an email invoice via Paypal, and you can click on the pay button and use any credit card, you don't need to have a Paypal account. Prices for home delivery (any size) are $10/foot, minimum $60.


If you run into any problems, or have any questions, please email us right away at trees@oneotaslopes.org or call 563-564-3580.


And PLEASE spread the word to your family and friends via facebook, email lists, etc. Your word of mouth is our best outreach, and testimonial.



Why order Oneota Slopes?

  •     Super Fresh and Aromatic - we will cut the day prior to delivery, guaranteeing you a fresh and aromatic tree for the holiday season.

  •     Specialty trees - from tabletops for the apartment up to 12 feet for your vaulted ceiling or church, all hand sheared for diversity of shape, fullness/openness, and character

  •     Chemical free - no paint, pesticides, or other potential toxins or allergens applied to our trees, just a fresh tree in its birthday suit

  •   Sustainably grown trees - good for soil, water, air and especially wild life of all kinds, even kids (see more at the OS difference and prairie trees)

  •     Local/regionally produced - not shipped in from the Northwest or the Southeast, as so many Christmas trees are

  •     Great diversity - Norway, White, and Blue Spruce, Scotch, Red, and White Pine, a few Balsam Fir and the if you're adventurous, we can even bring you a wild Eastern Red-Cedar - prickly and very charlie-brownish, but entirely native and with an aroma like no other Christmas tree you've ever had. For a few fotos and a bit of info on these types, go to our species page.


Oneota Slopes Farm contact: contact@oneotaslopes.org

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